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UK Secured Personal Loans 2007 (Segment Report)
This report takes an in-depth look at the UK secured personal loan market. Datamonitor sizes the market, examines the factors specific to its growth, covers trends and challenges, and provides five-year market forecasts.
8 Oct 2007, Company mentioned 3 times
The UK Home Collected Credit Market 2007
Analyses the UK home collected credit market. Sizes and forecasts the market, examines key market trends, discusses hot topics in the market and provides market share figures for the leading providers.
18 Jul 2007, 25 mentions
An Overview to Sub-prime Lending in Western Europe 2007
Sub-prime lending is a small but growing phenomenon across Western Europe. How are bank attitudes to sub-prime lending changing and which markets hold the most potential for the future?
16 May 2007, 3 mentions