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UK Sub-prime Mortgages 2007 (Segment Report)
Analyses the market for mortgages to sub-prime consumers. Sizes and forecasts the market, examines key market trends, discusses hot topics in the market and provides market share figures for sub-prime leading providers.
18 Jul 2007, Company mentioned 2 times
Market Guide: Retail Investment Market in Ireland 2006
Analyzes the market for retail deposits, mutual funds, equities and bonds, including market data from 2001-5 and forecasts to 2010. Assesses regulatory developments and presents compeitition from retail banks and mutual fund providers
4 Jun 2007, 5 mentions
The UK Mortgage Market in 2006 and Future Outlook (Market Focus)
This briefing reviews the performance of the UK mortgage market in 2006 and provides Datamonitor's forecasts of the market over the next five years.
5 Apr 2007, 2 mentions
UK Mortgages 2007 (Review Report)
This report focuses on the mainstream mortgage market in the UK. It covers hot topics such as interest-only mortgages and customer acquisition and retention strategies and provides forecasts under three scenarios.
5 Apr 2007, 4 mentions
UK Long Term Investment Distribution Overview 2006
An overview of the UK life and pensions distribution landscape. The report looks at what products are sold through the key distribution channels in the UK, who the largest players are, and the factors that are shaping the market.
10 Jan 2007, 6 mentions
Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies in the UK Mortgage Market
A short piece of data analysis into the behaviour of mortgage customers with focus on their switching behaviour.
21 Dec 2006, 2 mentions
UK Mortgage Market Outlook: Q3 2006
Quarterly briefing focusing on latest events in the UK mortgage market. The briefing includes updated forecasts.
7 Dec 2006, 2 mentions
Non-traditional Players in the Retail Banking Market
This report examines the role of non-traditional retail banking competitors, such as retailers and postal offices in the European, US, Japanese and Australian markets. It focuses on the role they play in the provision of retail banking products.
2 Nov 2006, 8 mentions
Western European Consumer Credit 2006
This bundled report provides core data and analysis on the Western European consumer credit market. It contains 11 individual country reports, a searchable interactive database containing key Western European data and a PowerPoint presentation pack.
12 Sep 2006, 25 mentions
Consumer Credit in Ireland 2006
Provides an overview of the consumer credit market in Ireland looking at market sizing, product share, regulation, competitor shares and developments and product innovation. Concludes with a SWOT analysis.
7 Sep 2006, 25 mentions
Credit Risk and Bad Debt Management in the UK Retail Lending Market
Analyzes bad debt management in the UK retail lending industry. Examines how consumer debt is increasing and how the trouble solutions market including IVAs is growing. Focuses on actions retail lenders are taking to control bad debt.
20 Jul 2006, 2 mentions