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Datawatch Europe - Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Management
Datawatch transforms the massive amounts of data and documents companies generate into actionable business intelligence, without any changes needed to existing systems.
NHS Bury Primary Care Trust: Improving the Budgeting Process in NHS Trusts
As staff costs appear as a key element of the reports assembled at Bury, the relevant data has to be extracted from ESR and merged with other cost data from the mutually incompatible ledger system. A more cost-effective approach is to find a way of capturing the data streams from the different systems at the point where they generate a "clean" report and merge that information into the required format...
Whitbread: Monarch Serves Whitbread PLC a Portion of Crucial Data!
Richard George is a member of the tax team at Whitbread. As part of his job, he regularly has to analyse company expenditure in preparation of the various companies' corporation tax computations. Having accurate data is essential for him in order to successfully and efficiently evaluate spend. Ten years ago, Whitbread was introduced to a report mining application that they would soon find indispensible...
Langstane Press: Stock Management Process Simplified Through Effective Report Mining
Eddie Butler was running the company's Progress stock control package on a server based DEC Vax super-mini and had become increasingly aware that, while the quality of the reports generated by the system was inherently high, the content of these files was inflexible. Mr Butler had been introduced to Monarch by a colleague and it was immediately apparent that it could provide the information Langstane Press really needed...
Pfizer: Monarch - Just What the Doctor Ordered for Pfizer
Romaric Baty works for the accounts receivable department at Pfizer. Accurate reporting is crucial for him in order to maintain an efficient accounts system. Like many companies, Pfizer used Oracle reports which arrive in an impressive print format but can be troublesome to work from. Following recommendations from his colleagues, Romaric decided to learn about Monarch which was already being used on a limited basis in other departments...
Datawatch Announces Monarch V10.5; World's #1 Report Mining and Analysis Tool Adds Compliance and Auditing Capabilities to Help Users Eliminate "Spreadsheet Hell"
Monarch V10.5 Has Earned the "Compatible with Windows 7" Logo
Press Releases
Datawatch Launches Datawatch Dashboards for Service Management
Data Visualisation Solution provides at-a-Glance indicators to help companies improve customer service and lower costs.
Press Releases
Datawatch Dashboards
Datawatch Dashboards is a fully interactive dashboard solution that gives all levels of users a visual overview of operational performance with drill down capabilities.
Monarch BI Server
Are you looking for an easy, effective, and affordable Business Intelligence (BI) solution with powerful analytic capabilities? Are you concerned about the database headaches and high implementation and support costs of traditional BI solutions? If so, Datawatch Monarch BI Server is the solution you need.
Monarch Data Pump
Monarch Data Pump automatically creates and delivers customised data across your organisation at a fraction of the cost and time of alternative solutions.
Information is power and Monarch is the smart business intelligence software that gives you the power to keep the data and lose the paper.
APL: Report Mining Tool Assembles Costs for More Than 15,000 Container Routes
Of the software applications available for extracting information from the reports generated by the distribution PC systems, one had a proven track record within APL. Monarch from Datawatch was already in use in the company, analysing data from the reports of the accounting systems. The ability to collate information from multiple sources of data is an inherent feature of a report mining tool like Monarch...
Datawatch Announces Monarch Data Pump Version 10.5 Professional Edition
Enterprise-class BI Solution Offers Improved Data ETL, Integration and Compliance at Dramatically Reduced Cost, Time and Complexity
Press Releases
Report Mining: An Easier Way to Access Corporate Information
| By Datawatch Europe
Now more than ever, businesses need greater access to more information more quickly to make decisions. But are they getting it? According to InformationWeek, despite collectively spending billions on data management and business intelligence tools, the answer in many cases is no.
White Papers
Business Intelligence Hidden in Plain Sight: A Pragmatic Approach to Providing Critical Data from ERP Systems
| By Datawatch Europe
Many IT executives mistakenly believe the only way managers and workers can acquire and analyse ERP data is through Business Intelligence (BI) systems which often prove to be maddeningly complex and expensive.
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Datawatch Europe - Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Management
Datawatch transforms the massive amounts of data and documents companies generate into actionable business intelligence, without any changes needed to existing systems.... Suppliers
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Revenue Leakage – Opportunity Calling! By Suntec
Revenue Leakage has been a universal phenomenon, gnawing up the profit margins of transaction-based industries, especially across their business support systems. Though the Banking industry people are particularly quick in acknowledging the glaring prevalence of revenue leakage, they are not able to pinpoint its source or quantity, or chart methodologies to ensure Revenue Assurance.... Banking Services > Commercial Banking > White Papers Customer Profitability Vs. Customer Satisfaction: Keep Guessing or Model your Pricing Strategies By Suntec
Most financial institutions do not have a clear understanding of what or who drives their profitability. They make assumptions or guesswork, and most of the time, try and fix their profitability metrics into the 80/20 rule or something similar — the majority of profits (80%) come from a minority (20%) of customers, products or business segments. Is profitability as simple as this? While there is no denying the 80/20 rule, how does an organization find this 20%? ... Banking Services > Commercial Banking > White Papers Banks - Reward Your Customers Incrementally, Based on Their Profitability By Suntec
Financial Institutions (FI) are on the verge of a strategic make-over. The market conditions imply an increased need to generate revenues and customer profitability, to ensure sustainability and future business success. In order to achieve these objectives, the FIs need to devise strategies that leverage customer relationships in a way that has never been done before. ... Banking Services > Commercial Banking > White Papers Achieving Measurable Gains by Automating Claims Processing By Kofax
Moving to a fully automated process is a goal for claims processing of nearly all insurance executives. Companies are at various levels of automation and often do not have an appropriate strategy to achieve higher levels of automation. This white paper identifies seven levels of claims automation and provides a roadmap that can be followed to enhance claims processing. This straightforward approach can be used to increase the likelihood of successful automation. Download this free white paper from Kofax to find out more.... White Papers Customer Centricity: The Key to Success in Retail Banking By Kofax
The economic slowdown has forced many banks to redirect their focus to retail banking and reinvent themselves as customer-centric organizations. But many institutions still use legacy infrastructures and processes that hinder necessary readjustments, in particular with regard to information exchange and customer communication. This white paper explains how these difficulties can be overcome, and how banks and financial institutions can reengineer core IT and business processes to support their business objectives. Download this free white paper from Kofax to find out more.... White Papers See more
1-15 of 17 results