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GDS Link - Risk Management Solutions
GDS Link is a global technology and consulting company that delivers tailored, customer-centric risk management and process automation solutions designed to satisfy the evolving, unique needs of companies in a broad spectrum of industries.
RBS WorldPay Enlists GDS Link to Enhance Portfolio Segmentation Among Diverse Clientele
RBS WorldPay secures a license of GDS Link's flagship solution, DataView360™ to more efficiently adapt and respond to regularly changing trends in fraud. With DataView360, RBS is able to implement and manage their fraud-based rules for several business functions including screening for fraudulent transactions.
Press Releases
Kabbage, Inc.
Kabbage Inc., based in Atlanta, Georgia, provides working capital to online sellers, enabling them to address the typical uncertainty in cash flow involved with online retail, as well as to grow through acquiring more inventory, hiring more employees and improving backend systems.
Meta Payment Systems
Meta Payment Systems®, based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a leading provider of prepaid, credit, debit and emerging payments solutions as well as the largest sponsor of ATMs in the US enlisted GDS Link's DataView360 as an underwriting tool for two lending programs.
DataView360™ Benefits
Whether you are looking to solve enterprise business challenges, moving from manual to automated decisioning or just looking to supplement an existing risk management process, GDS Link's DataView360™ functionality and our approach to solving these challenges is ideal.
Case Management
Whether lending to consumers or businesses your organisation has a need to grow and acquire new clients, and that requires you to process credit applications intelligently, with consistency, and cost effectively.
Rules Engine
Reacting quickly to the rapidly changing economic environment is placing growing demands on risk management personnel and IT resources as they work to design, develop and deploy new risk management strategies necessary to reduce risk and increase profitability.
GDS Link's flagship solution DataView360™ was developed to support an organisation's risk management strategies across all facets of their business and allow for the rapid and cost effective development, deployment and on-going support of the risk strategies required to reduce risk, react to legislative changes and increase profitability.
Data Engine
The DataView360™ Data Engine is one of the most robust, lightweight web-services application in the market place making it simple to integrate within your existing infrastructure or external environments. At its core, the Data Engine is used to access data, interrogate data and integrate with any host or proprietary systems the user may have.
GDS Link Rules Engine Flyer
| By GDS Link
Learn about GDS Link's rule based management system and how control over risk management strategies including scorecard implementation, segmentation and champion/challenger strategies is placed in the hands of business users through the intuitive decision studio desktop application.
White Papers
GDS Link Retro-Scoring Flyer
| By GDS Link
Explore how GDS Link's DataView360™ can be utilised to reprocess archived data to validate new rules objects, credit bureau attributes and custom scorecard models.
White Papers
GDS Link DataView360 Batch Flyer
| By GDS Link
Learn how GDS Link's DataView360™ can be leveraged in a batch environment to process large files on a one off basis in support of marketing, application processing and account monitoring activities.
White Papers
GDS Link DataView360-Detect Flyer
| By GDS Link
Explore GDS Link's solution for the merchant acquiring industry, which supports an acquirer's risk management requirements including merchant on-boarding and fraud mitigation.
White Papers
GDS Link Application Processing Flyer
| By GDS Link
Learn about GDS Link's framework for meeting your credit application processing needs for both consumer and small business lending.
White Papers
GDS Link Company Flyer
| By GDS Link
Learn about GDS Link, its core offering DataView360™, the industries it currently serves and GDS Link's key differentiators.
White Papers

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GDS Link - Risk Management Solutions
GDS Link is a global technology and consulting company that delivers tailored, customer-centric risk management and process automation solutions designed to satisfy the evolving, unique needs of companies in a broad spectrum of industries.... Suppliers
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1-15 of 23 results