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Fujitsu Unveils "Silent Drive" for Domestic Appliances

Fujitsu Ltd says it has produced a virtually silent disk drive in anticipation of a booming market for a new category of storage device for the home. The Japanese manufacturer's Silent Drive is a standard 3.5" format device which supports the UDMA 66...
20 Dec 1999

Fujitsu Siemens Raises B2000 Ceiling with /390 Copper

16 Dec 1999

Amdahl Goes To Brocade For Fibre Channel Switches

14 Dec 1999

Hitachi, Sanyo, Siemens Team to Develop Memory Cards

10 Dec 1999

NTT Joins IBM and Tivoli in Outsourcing Service

10 Dec 1999

ICL Says It's Early Days for Fujitsu's Sparc Servers

3 Dec 1999

Fujitsu and Amdahl Support Linux for the Enterprise

3 Dec 1999

Siemens Clarifies US Storage Sales Policy under Amdahl

2 Dec 1999

Affinity to Raise $31.1m with Share Issue, Signs Colt Deal

30 Nov 1999

PixTech Delivers FED Screen under Army Contract

29 Nov 1999

AOL Europe Enlists Intel and Fujitsu to PC Offer

29 Nov 1999

Fujitsu Siemens Unveils OEM Deal With ADIC

29 Nov 1999

Fujitsu Sees 50% Jump in MO Disk Drive Sales

29 Nov 1999

Fujitsu Siemens Launches New Notebooks

26 Nov 1999

Fujitsu & Tivoli to Collaborate on Storage Management

24 Nov 1999

Fujitsu to Eliminate Lead From Products by 2003

22 Nov 1999

Correction: Siemens Does Make PCs

16 Nov 1999

Affinity and Oneview Partner to Take On SME Market

15 Nov 1999

Sun Heads Asian Java Fund

8 Nov 1999

Users Claim SAP Can Damage Your Wealth

5 Nov 1999

Siemens Profit Boosted by Chip Price Increases

4 Nov 1999

New Chief Takes Over as MDIS Disappoints Again

2 Nov 1999

ICL Raises EU Green Cost Issues

1 Nov 1999

Fujitsu Siemens First With Latest Intel Laptop Chips

28 Oct 1999

IBM Will Be First With LTO Drives Through StorageSmart

28 Oct 1999

Fujitsu First-Half Profits Hurt by Rising Yen

27 Oct 1999

Fujitsu Siemens Seeks to Increase EMC Revenue Stream

26 Oct 1999

Japanese Chip Project Risks US and European Protests

26 Oct 1999

AOL Europe and Fujitsu to Offer Subsidized Net PCs?

26 Oct 1999

Hitachi Unveils First Plasma Display from Fujitsu JV

26 Oct 1999

Oak Sees Revenue Plunge but Says Recovery Is Expected

25 Oct 1999

Sun Launches Asia Java Venture Fund

25 Oct 1999

Siemens Sells Nixdorf Banking Division to KKR for $795m

25 Oct 1999

Fujitsu and Sun to Share Sparc CPU IP

25 Oct 1999

Amdahl Gets Siemens Computers US, Aims to Keep Sun Deal

25 Oct 1999

Fujitsu Siemens Woos Amdahl to Sell Its Boxes, Not Sun's

22 Oct 1999

Fujitsu Siemens Goes up Against Sun in Europe

22 Oct 1999

Amdahl Says MIPS Pricing, Not E-Biz Drives Mainframe Sales

20 Oct 1999

Fujitsu Cuts Profit Forecast on Mainframe and Disk Slump

19 Oct 1999

Japanese Chipmakers to Double Flash Memory Production

19 Oct 1999

IBM, Fujitsu, Sun Shortlisted for Aus Supercomputer

18 Oct 1999

Samsung Unveils 1GB Flash Memory Chip

18 Oct 1999

Bull and NEC Will Announce European Server Joint Venture

12 Oct 1999

Digital River Changes Course

11 Oct 1999

Fujitsu Sets Up Internet Investment Fund

11 Oct 1999

Amdahl Is NetApp's Latest Catch

11 Oct 1999

BT Internet Boss Resigns

8 Oct 1999

Fujitsu Siemens Unveils Mobile NT Workstation

7 Oct 1999

Fujitsu to Outline Plan to Become Number 3 IT Supplier

7 Oct 1999

Microprocessor Forum Will See IA-64 Challengers Revealed

4 Oct 1999
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