Citi launches commercial cards in Taiwan

27th August 2008
By Staff Writer

Citi has announced the formal launch of Citibank Commercial Cards issued by both Visa and MasterCard in Taiwan.

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According to the bank, Citibank Commercial Cards are globally accepted corporate cards. With the cards' global expense data management function, the cards are expected to offer business payment services to Taiwanese companies to help strengthen their financial operations and enhance their international competitiveness, said Citi.

Stephen Yeung, regional business head for commercial cards at global transaction services of Citi, said: "As Taiwan, powered by the cards' strong economy, have always played a crucial role in the Asia-Pacific region; we decided to introduce commercial cards into the Taiwan market in 2008.

"This will allow Taiwanese businesses, in step with their Asian or even global competitors, to enjoy the benefits and convenience brought by this mature business payment tool and sharpen their competitive edge worldwide."

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