Citibank Taiwan launches 24-hour credit card approval service

27th June 2007
By Julia Chan

In what represents an industry first in the Asian country, financial services provider Citibank Taiwan has launched a 24-hour credit card approval service.

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The new service, 24-Hour Card Approved Process, is expected to make a major industry impact in Taiwan, according to Citibank Taiwan's credit card director, Pradeep Pant.

"As faster approval and issuing was one of the most requested features from customers during feedback surveys, we expect this new service will attract many new credit card customers to Citibank," Mr Pant said.

"Prior to the 24-hour offer, credit card applications in Taiwan took between five to 14 working days to approve and issue. Given this, introducing a streamlined application and approval processed was a top priority and we are delighted to be the first bank in Taiwan to launch a 24-hour service. To add convenience and speed, approval news will now be sent to customers via SMS," he added.

Customers in Taiwan are able to visit one of Citibank's seven 24-Hour Card Approved Process stands to complete an application form. Those living in the greater Taipei region also have the option to make phone applications. If successful, the approval will be sent in the post in three days or less.

In addition, Citibank is offering its credit card holders a 40% discount on cinema ticket purchases between Mondays and Thursdays, along with a 15% ticket discount for internet and on-premise purchases during the weekend and national holidays.

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