Yorkshire Building Society offers two new fixed-rate savings bonds

1st February 2007
By Julia Chan

Yorkshire Building Society has launched two new fixed-rate savings bonds on either a two- or three-year term, available from February 1, 2007.

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Both of the new savings bonds offer a return of 5.75% annual gross, with monthly interest available at 5.6% gross or 5.75% AER.

The two- and three-year bonds will mature on May 1, 2009 or 2010, respectively, and can be opened from as little as GBP100, with the maximum balance set at GBP500,000.

The UK banking group also offers a one-year fixed-rate bond called the Rollover Bond, which, for February 2007, will pay interest at 5.6% gross for those savers who may need to access their money before 2009.

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