Blue Systems launches new financial information software

27th November 2007
By Staff Writer

Blue Systems, a provider of global financial information software, has launched blue and blue mobile, a market data software. Offered over desktop and/or mobile devices, the software enables global real-time financial market data, news and company financials to be displayed through software which is claimed to be low cost, intuitive, and having analytical capabilities.

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The software is professional-grade and is expected to meet the information and charting needs of traders and investors who need to stay abreast of financial markets around the world, 24/7, but increasingly want to do so at a lower cost per month.

Blue and blue mobile have equally been designed to appeal to the emerging retail market for financial information software. With its intuitive user-interface, consumer feel and unrivalled affordability, Blue Systems plans to open up the retail consumer marketplace worldwide.

Sulim Malook, CEO and co-founder of Blue Systems, said: "Having spent five years developing a high quality product using our own experience and with input from professional traders, we are excited to be announcing the launch of blue and blue mobile. We firmly believe that by providing affordable software that incorporates the 30% of the content that traders use 90% of the time, we can revolutionize the way people keep abreast of financial markets anytime and anywhere and meet the needs of the rapidly developing retail marketplace worldwide."

Bob McDowall, senior analyst at Towergroup, stated: "The Blue Systems' business model, which will provide low cost market data software to a wide range of financial professionals, has the power to be a highly disruptive model in the market data space. It would also be a low cost and efficient means for retail customers to follow markets through mobile devices."

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