HSBC Macau names global payments and cash management head

21st August 2008
By Staff Writer

HSBC Macau has appointed Clarissa Wong as the new head of global payments and cash management.

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Ms Wong has been working in the Hong Kong product management team for the past five years, having developed and managed products across HSBC's full range of integrated cash management solutions, including integrated payments solutions, integrated receivables solutions, integrated liquidity management solutions, and integrated delivery channels.

In her new role, Ms Wong will be responsible for driving HSBC's cash management business strategy in Macau, leading a team of specialists to deliver integrated cash management solutions tailored to a range of companies, including multinational corporations, middle market enterprises, small and medium enterprises and financial institutions.

Iain Taylor, head of market development for global payments and cash management at HSBC Asia-Pacific, said: "Clarissa's appointment further highlights our commitment to Macau and her relevant product background and industry knowledge reinforces our thought leadership and on the ground expertise to our clients."

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