Nationwide tops poll for credit card satisfaction

5th July 2006
By Sarah Routledge

Nationwide credit card customers are the most satisfied with their provider with nine out of ten saying that they are happy with their service, according to a poll carried out by comparison website Uswitch.

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Barclaycard customers were the least satisfied, with 66% satisfied with the level of service provided, compared with 91% of Nationwide customers. American Express, Co-operative Bank, Goldfish, Marks & Spencer Money, Morgan Stanley and Tesco Personal Finance all came in joint second place with 88% of customers saying they were satisfied with the cards.

However, a low interest rate did not seem to be top of the agenda for customers, despite the much reported phenomenon of "rate tarts" (customers who jump from card to card to take advantage of low-rate introduction offers). Only 36% of Nationwide's customers thought that their interest rate was better than average.

Around 17% said that they had chosen their credit card because of an existing relationship with the provider, while 10% had opted for a particular card because it was offered to them.

Nick White, head of personal finance at uSwitch.com, said: "It is no surprise to see Nationwide doing so well in a survey of this nature. For some time now they have positioned themselves as a champion of banking consumers' interests, campaigning on issues ranging from ATM fees to the order of repayments on credit cards, and fees for customers who use their credit card abroad."

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