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1. Financial Services Consumer Megatrends 2008
Datamonitor's 'Financial Services Consumer Megatrends Trends in Action' report introduces readers to the 10 consumer Megatrends that Datamonitor has identified as underlying consumer behavior towards financial services.
Published 22 Sep 2008, Price: $4495

2. UK Mortgages 2008
This report focuses on the mainstream mortgage market in the UK. It covers hot topics such as high LTV mortgages, funding issues and green mortgages, and provides gross advances forecasts under three scenarios.
Published 1 Aug 2008, Price: $2795

3. UK Personal Lending 2008
This report provides a five-year forecast for the UK consumer credit market under three different scenarios and analyzes the issues lenders in the unsecured personal loan market are facing.
Published 1 Aug 2008, Price: $2795

4. Financial Advisors' Views of Service
A survey based study examining how aspects of provider service are affecting the business models of IFAs in the UK in order to gauge how well providers are supporting IFAs to minimize the time spent on admin and more on core competencies.
Published 12 Sep 2008, Price: $4495

5. An Analysis of Consumer Trends in UK Online Personal Lending
This report provides an understanding of the UK online lending customer base through Datamonitor's Financial Services Consumer Megatrends Framework. It applies the framework to the lending propositions of the major UK personal loan providers to analyze whether their messages are on trend. It also suggests suitable product innovations that could help providers to more effectively target the key trends.
Published 1 Aug 2008, Price: $2795

6. UK Non-standard Unsecured Personal Loans 2008
This report looks at the UK sub-prime unsecured personal loans and home collected credit markets. It analyzes market trends and issues, the competitive environment and provides market sizing and forecasting data.
Published 5 Nov 2008, Price: $2795

7. Online Financial Services in Australia 2008
This report draws upon Datamonitor's consumer survey to look at consumer attitudes to various topics within the online arena, as well as analyzing issues concerning security, technology and regulations.
Published 11 Sep 2008, Price: $2795

8. UK Current Accounts 2008
This report provides a detailed overview of UK current accounts sector. It sizes the market, looks at consumers' needs and wants,analyzes competition and discusses the key issues.
Published 30 Oct 2008, Price: $2795

9. Competitive Dynamics in the UK Mortgage Market 2008
Focuses on competitor market shares and looks at the changing competitive environment as a result of the credit crunch.
Published 28 May 2008, Price: $1695

10. Online Banking in Hong Kong
This report analyzes the Hong Kong online banking sector, covering market trends, competitors' strategies and future developments.
Published 18 Jul 2008, Price: $2795