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Short-term remuneration strategies are holding back UK banks

The UK bonus culture is symptomatic of a shorter term approach to banking that has led to inefficient systems integration policies and quick fix cost cutting strategies among senior management. UK banks can learn from practices abroad, where longer term strategies have nurtured a culture of stability and greater process efficiency.
16 Feb 2009

Tesco: becoming the Tesco of financial services
After making its financial services division fully independent, Tesco is progressing towards creating a standalone bank. Its vast customer base, extensive store network and solid brand reputation give the retailer a competitive edge over some of its potential rivals.

16 Feb 2009

Why US insurance agents support state regulations
The Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America is asking the new president to keep the state-based regulatory structure intact, stating that it is the best way to protect the consumer. Datamonitor believes this argument to be tenuous, as it serves agents and brokers rather than insurers and consumers, and advises President Obama to treat the proposal with a healthy level of skepticism.

16 Feb 2009

Moneysupermarket.com: lists Halal motor insurance
Salaam Halal insurance has launched exclusively on Moneysupermarket.com, giving both Muslims and non-Muslims the opportunity to compare prices of Shariah-compliant motor insurance products with existing conventional alternatives. The new listing has allowed Moneysupermarket.com to further diversify its current offering in an increasingly competitive space.

13 Feb 2009

Davos: the tide is turning against tax havens
What the 2009 World Economic Forum meeting in Davos lacked in consensus it certainly made up for in doom-mongering. One clear message came through from world leaders: the need for greater regulation and transparency in the new financial system. Although offshore centers are a thorn in the side of the newly corporative vision, they still have an important role to play in the global financial world.

11 Feb 2009

Government minister admits UK in worst recession in 100 years
Gordon Brown's former economic adviser, Ed Balls, has effectively repeated comments made by the Bank of England's deputy governor last October by asserting that the economy is experiencing the worst recession in over a century. While the government may downplay the sentiment, there's no avoiding this reality: unemployment and inflation will ensure a long and painful recovery for the UK.

10 Feb 2009


Australia: Suncorp aims to raise capital

5 Feb 2009

European cards: will prepaid be the big winner from recession?

2 Feb 2009

ANZ National: offshoring may damage reputation

2 Feb 2009

Change in PPI rules creates opportunity for insurers

30 Jan 2009

Mortgage intermediaries: adapting business models due to credit crunch

30 Jan 2009

Barclays: a beacon of hope?

29 Jan 2009

Bank of Queensland raises A$108m

29 Jan 2009

Money market funds: back in fashion

29 Jan 2009

Exchange traded funds: sunshine on a cloudy day

27 Jan 2009

UK government bank bail-out: damned if they do, damned if they don't

22 Jan 2009

The future of RBS's insurance arm is still unclear after a further injection of government support

20 Jan 2009

Bristol & West: no more mortgages

15 Jan 2009

Bank of England: rate cut will encourage savers into risk

15 Jan 2009

A strengthened financial services compensation scheme comes at a price

12 Jan 2009

UK mortgage market crisis: government attempts to attract first time buyers

22 Dec 2008

UK: banks need to find a voice

12 Dec 2008

Citigroup: too leveraged to fail?

4 Dec 2008

Mortgage market: base rate cut leaves SVRs harder to obtain

21 Nov 2008

RBS: bracing for first annual loss in 2008

17 Nov 2008

Free banking model could be under threat

12 Nov 2008

Lloyds TSB and HBOS: pressure for a merger may herald the end of competitive banking in the UK

31 Oct 2008

Discover likely to invest $2.75 billion settlement in deposit taking activity

29 Oct 2008

A Britannia and Co-op merger could threaten the big banks

15 Oct 2008

Tesco to challenge established current account players

7 Oct 2008

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