The Developing Philanthropic Trend

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Published: 17 Mar 2006
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This report looks at the increasing interest in the provision of philanthropic services in Australia and across Asia-Pacific. It examines the potential for philanthropic services and argues that it is a beneficial service for both clients and wealth managers. The report covers the following countries - Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea.


  • This report looks at the increasing interest in philanthropy across the Asia-Pacific region
  • This report examines the attractive aspects of philanthropic service provision and argues that it is beneficial to both client and provider
  • This report covers the following countries - Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and South Korea

"clients are reluctant to share all their intimate details with a wealth manager as they feel there is no need. They are much more likely to divulge more detailed information if there is a definite need and demonstrable benefit; philanthropy offers both the need and the benefit."

To quote a client of one private banker spoken to as part of Datamonitor's research "sometimes it is easier to make money than it is to give it away."

Additional client information enables the service provider to not only provide more informed advice regarding philanthropy, but also to identify new business opportunities with established clients.

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  • Find out how interest in philanthropy is growing and what is driving this growth
  • Find out how big the potential philanthropic trust market could be in your country
  • Find out what makes philanthropic service provision attractive to both the client and the provider


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