Lending in wealth management 2006

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Published: 6 Sep 2006
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Wealth managers have traditionally focused on the asset side of their client's financial position, leaving lending to the retail banks. However, wealth management is becoming increasing competitive, leading some innovative wealth managers to build a proposition around liability management. The result is increased revenues, share of wallet and customer base growth.


  • The report draws on the results of Datamonitor's Wealth Management Market Leaders Survey, including responses of 88 European wealth managers
  • Extensive research on wealth managers, both in the US and Europe, to determine the extent to which lending products are marketed to high net worths
  • In-depths interviews were carried out with European wealth managers that have already implemented lending as part of their service offering

European wealth managers surveyed by Datamonitor do not see strong potential in lending business, despite success in US and Australia. Few of them focus resources on mortgages, margin lending and similar products in the next two years.

Only a handful of firms are capitalizing on opportunities in lending, among them large financial groups such as Barclays, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Merrill Lynch and UBS. They see lending as key part of a holistic wealth management approach that aims to cover all aspects of client needs.

Despite not being part of the wealth management agenda in many markets, lending to the wealthy has strong potential. Industry experts believe that lending as part of a holistic wealth management approach is the way forward and can help to increase both customer base and share of wallet.

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  • Assesses a very lucrative and underserved business segment that you can exploit
  • Identifies innovations in high net worth lending that can be adopted to fit your business model
  • Presents key conclusions and expert insights to help you decide whether high net worth lending is right for you


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