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Agnitio - Voice Biometrics for Enterprise Security White Papers

Agnitio - Voice Biometrics for Enterprise Security

One-Time Password (OTP) Management Secured with Voice Biometrics Many forms of authentication, ranging from PINs and passwords to stronger authentication solutions such as tokens and smart cards, have seen their adoption and management issues. However easy to use or strong an authentication process is, it will always cause people to either lock or forget their passwords or tokens and as such render themselves without access to a network or application. Although many processes exist to help users gain access through alternative means, often a temporary or one-time password (OTP) is required. In this paper we review how these OTPs can be issued securely and in a user-friendly manner
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Securing Trade Floor Operations with Voice Biometrics Voice biometrics has seen adoptions in various sectors and for a variety of use cases. The most logical use case very quickly became the use of voice biometrics in self-service speaker verification solutions. Password reset and other helpdesk self-service tasks over IVR are examples of that. Agnitio has seen an increase in demand for speaker verification used in conversations between agents or brokers and their clients. In this case the requirement is to not pass a caller to an IVR system for authentication, but to verify the client's identity simply by using whatever is said. This is a mechanism to match the claimed identity. It will serve as an extra layer of security on existing processes or indeed as a replacement for more arduous and less secure ones.
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Use of Voice Biometrics in Smart Card Applications Many organisations have implemented or are looking into smart card solutions. The objective is to tighten security for physical and/or logical access to company buildings and resources. Implementations of smart cards have seen varying degrees of success, but have generally raised security levels in the organisations that have adopted them. This article sets out to describe how voice biometrics, and speaker verification, a key voice biometric application, can assist in streamlining logistics around how smart cards are issued, activated and subsequently managed through their lifecycle.
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Law Enforcement Grade Voice Authentication For Enterprises Agnitio offers technology for speaker verification and identification in financial services orientated applications. KIVOX is Agnitio's flagship product for speaker verification and identification for enterprise speech applications.
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